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Avaya ACSS-3300 3313 Exam Questions & Answers 1-5

When troubleshooting Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) system faults, you can use the SGM Management Client to
view the status of the connection to which two components? (Choose two.)
A. Application Enablement Services (CTI proxy)
B. Session Manager (Voice inbound proxy)
C. Communication Manager (voice inbound proxy)
D. APS server (Presence proxy)
Correct Answer: AB

A technician is using the Avaya Grep tool to extract and debug Contact Center Call specific logs. On the Search tab of
the Avaya Grep tool, which three Search Parameters can be used to find Call IDs? (Choose three.)
A. SIP Call Log ID
B. Customer Phone Number
C. CSTA/TR87 Call ID
Correct Answer: ABC

You are in the process of troubleshooting the Contact Center License Manager.
You must confirm that the server identified in the Contact Center License Manager Registry key matches the Contact
Center License Manager server configured in which utility?
A. Access and partition Manager
B. server configuration
C. Contact center Management
D. Multimedia Administration Tool
Correct Answer: A

Which Contact Center Multimedia utility is used to view multimedia contacts listed by the type of contact (e.g.Email, IM,
Outbound, Web Chat, and etc.)?
A. CCMA > Multimedia
B. Multimedia Dashboard
C. Multimedia Administrator
D. CCMM Database Logging
Correct Answer: A

In a Voice and Multimedia Contact Server with an Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS) co-resident installation, how are
license keys provided to the AAMS?
A. When the AAMS is configured as a Media Server in CCMA, Contact Center License Manager pushes the license
keys to the AAMS.
B. When the AAMS is configured as a Media Server in CCMA, Contact Center Server pushes the license keys to the
C. Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) supplies license keys as required.
D. WebLM is configured on the AAMS to provide the required license keys.
Correct Answer: C

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Avaya ACIS Avaya Aura Contact Center 6210 Exam Questions & Answers 1-5

In Orchestration Designer (OD) from the Application menu, double-clicking on Master Script launches the Contact
Router. The Contact Router is the first and only entry point of all contacts into applications (scripts/flows) that reside on
the Contact Center system.
Does the Contact Router list contain which three items that need access to scripting? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: ACD
Reference: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100093302

A customer has purchased the Agent Greeting feature to provide individual pre-recorded greeting playback capabilities.
Where is the license for Agent Greeting enabled in Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC)?
A. From the server, navigate to the Server Configuration > Licensing tab
B. From the server, locate Multimedia Commissioning > Multimedia Licensing tab
C. From Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) > Configuration > Applications > LM Service Configuration
Setup tab
D. From the Contact Center License Manager > Configuration > Contact Center Licensing tab
Correct Answer: C

During the Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) software installations, which tool launches once the UniversalInstaller
the configuration is successfully completed?
A. Avaya Aura Contact Center Configuration Wizard
B. Avaya Aura Contact Center Startup Wizard
C. Avaya Aura Contact Center Installation Wizard
D. Avaya Aura Contact Center Ignition Wizard
Correct Answer: D

You are preparing to install the Agent Desktop Displays (ADD) tool on agent-client computers supplied by the customer,
and you need to verify that the computers meet the minimum required specifications. What is the minimum required
amount of RAM needed for the client computers?
A. 8 GB
B. 4 GB
C. 1 GB
D. 2 GB
Correct Answer: D

Which core Contact Center component manages functions such as the logic for call processing, call treatment, call
handling, call presentation and the accumulation of data into historical and real-time databases?
A. Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA)
B. Communication Control Toolkit (CCT)
C. Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS)
D. Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM)
Correct Answer: C
Reference: ftp://ftp.landata.ru/support/Docs/Contact%20Center/AACC/AACC_Fundamentas_NN44400-11002.pdf (59)

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Avaya ACSS-7694 76940X Exam Questions & Answers 1-5

A support engineer is tasked with upgrading a CPOD 2.1 system to ACP 4200 4.0.
Which statement about the upgrade process is true?
A. Upgrading a CPOD 2.1 system to ACP 4200 4.0 is supported, and a direct upgrade path is supported.
B. Upgrading a CPOD 2.1 system to ACP 4200 4.0 is supported only if the Rack enclosure is replaced with a new 48
Inch Deep Model.
C. Upgrading a CPOD 2.1 system to ACP 4200 4.0 is not supported.
D. Upgrading a CPOD 2.1 system to ACP 4200 4.0 is supported, but a direct upgrade path is only partially supported.
Correct Answer: B

To view a graphical representation of the ACP 4200 and its individual components, where would a support engineer
A. System Manager > Inventory
B. Pod Visualization Manager > Home Dashboard
C. Servertech PDU Web Interface > Equipment View
D. Avaya Orchestrator > Rack Dashboard
Correct Answer: B

A junior support engineer has been told by the support manager that summary status information for the ACP 4200 can
be found in the Dashlets. Where would the engineer go to view this information?
A. Login to Avaya Orchestrator\\’s ACP Configuration Wizard link.
B. Login to Avaya Orchestrator\\’s Homepage.
C. Login to the Management Server Console\\’s Desktop.
D. Login to the Management Server Console\\’s ACP Configuration Wizard link.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101054950 (13)

Which functionality does Management Server Console (MSC) provide?
A. Common installation, upgrade and infrastructure maintenance tasks on the ACP 4200, and delivery of all the software
and firmware binaries including main releases and patches for ACP 4200
B. MIB browser and MIB query tool which can be used to browse and query the MIB
C. Discovery and visualization of all ACP 4200 components including routers, switches, Avaya Aura?servers and
applications, storage arrays, IP telephones, Avaya Session Border controllers, Media gateways and VM hosts.
D. Layered dashboards for health monitoring, diagnostics, performance, analytics and reporting
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101054946

A support engineer is upgrading a PodFX 3.1 system to ACP 4200 4.0. The system has two pairs of ServerTech PDUs.
Which statement about the PDU firmware file describes the upgrade process that the engineer needs to follow?
A. It will need to be uploaded to all 4 PDUs.
B. It will need to be uploaded to each PDU Management Web Interface.
C. It will need to be uploaded to one PDU. This PDU will then distribute the file to the remaining 3 PDUs.
D. It will need to be uploaded to Orchestrator. Orchestrator will then distribute the file to the 4 PDUs.
Correct Answer: C

75940X Exam Dumps

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Avaya Certifications 75940X Exam Questions & Answers 1-5

What is the role of Avaya Aura?System Manager in an ACP 4200 4.0 system?
A. It provides a Single-Sign On functionality to Avaya Orchestrator.
B. It manages the license for Avaya Orchestrator.
C. It provides the application launch point for Avaya Orchestrator.
D. It is a component of the Avaya Aura?deployment.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101038457

An administrator needs to access Avaya Orchestrator.
How does an administrator log into the management interface of Avaya Orchestrator?
A. By using a browser to login to System Manager, then clicking on the Avaya Orchestrator link.
B. By using a browser to login to Avaya Orchestrator\\’s FQDN or IP address.
C. By downloading and using the System Manager Administrator client.
D. By downloading and using the Avaya Orchestrator Administrator client.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101061680

An Avaya Orchestrator administrator is asked to check the CPU usage for the last 24 hours of one of the ESXi Hosts, as
it has been performing erratically. How can the administrator go about doing this?
A. By clicking on the Compute Group\\’s Service State line.
B. By navigating to Quick View ?All Host Problems.
C. By going to the Performance Graphs of the CPU Usage Service for the host.
D. By selecting the VM Group\\’s Service State line.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101061680 (135)

With ACP 4200, what is mandatory to ensure Avaya Aura?High Availability across the two Data Centers?
A. A single vCenter Server that manages both Data Centers.
B. Network connectivity to and in between the two Data Centers.
C. Identical compute servers in both Data Centers.
D. The same VLANs in both Data Centers.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101054952 (9)

Aside from the difference in the depth of the enclosure, what other difference is there between the 48 Inch Model and 42
Inch Model of the ACP 4200 Avaya-branded Enclosure?
A. There is no other difference between the 48 Inch Model and 42 Inch Model.
B. The 48 Inch Model has a higher maximum wattage capacity compared to the 42 Inch Model.
C. The 48 Inch Model has a higher maximum weight compared to the 42 Inch Model.
D. The 48 Inch Model is only available in Grey while the 42 Inch Model is only available in Black.
Correct Answer: B
Reference https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101054952 (15)

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