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Load sharing of VLAN traffic over parallel ISL trunks is:
A. Not possible due to the nature of ISL.
B. Configurable on a per VLAN basis.
C. Configurable on a per packet basis.
D. Automatic due to the nature of ISL and its interaction with the IEEE Spanning Tree protocol.
Correct Answer: B
What does the EIGRP Feasibility Condition mean?
A. The FD must be unique.
B. The FD must be higher than zero.

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The output of the show frame-relay pvc command shows “PVC STATUS = INACTIVE”. What does this mean?
A. The PVC is configured correctly and is operating normally, but no data packets have been detected for more than five minutes.
B. The PVC is configured correctly, is operating normally, and is no longer actively seeking the address of the remote router.
C. The PVC is configured correctly, is operating normally, and is waiting for interesting traffic to trigger a call to the remote router.

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Refer to the exhibit. ***Exhibit is Missing*** Which statement is correct?
A. OSPF peers are using Type 1 authentication
B. OSPF peers are using Type 2 authentication
C. Authentication is used, but there is a password mismatch
D. The OSPF peer IP address is

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 56
Which two statements are true about Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding Loose Mode? (Choose two.)
A. It is used in multihome network scenarios.

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On a bridge running rapid spanning tree protocol, which port will send BPDU with the ‘proposal’ flag:
A. Designated port in forwarding state
B. Designated port in non-forwarding state
C. Root port in forwarding state
D. Root port in blocking state
E. Alternate port
Correct Answer: B
What feature among the following can be used to transport monitoring session traffic from a Catalyst switch across an IP cloud to a Sniffer on a remote site?

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What will be the results of enabling IP Source Guard on an untrusted switch port that does not have DHCP snooping enabled?
A. The switch will run out of ACL hardware resources.
B. All DHCP requests will pass through the switch untested.

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Customer X has a hub-and-spoke Frame Relay network, with a central office and two branch offices (RemoteA and RemoteB). Each location has only one physical link to the Frame Relay cloud and RemoteB has a router that is not a Cisco router. Since the installation,there is no connectivity between RemoteB and the central office. What is a possible solution to this issue?
A. Because Frame Relay IETF encapsulation is only configurable at interface level, you must use IETF encapsulation on all routers.
B. This is not a possible scenario. A dedicated Frame Relay link to RemoteB ismandatory at the central office.

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Why has this switch not been elected the root bridge for VLAN1?
A. It has more than one interface that is connected to the root network segment.
B. It is running RSTP while the elected root bridge is running 802.1d spanning tree.
C. It has a higher MAC address than the elected root bridge.
D. It has a higher bridge ID than the elected root bridge.

Correct Answer: D Section: (none)Explanation
Refer to the exhibit . Which switch provides the spanning-tree designated port role for the network segment that services the printers?

A. Switch1
B. Switch2
C. Switch3
D. Switch4

Correct Answer: C Section: (none)Explanation
Refer to the exhibit.

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Exam A
Which of these statements about penultimate hop popping are true? (Choose three)
A. It is used only for directly connected subnets or aggregate routes
B. It can only be used with LDP.
C. It is only used when two or more labels are stacked.
D. It enables the Edge LSR to request a label pop operation from Its upstream neighbors
E. It is requested through TDP using a special label value that is also called the implicit-null value.
F. It is requested through LDP using a special label value that is also called the implicit-null value.

Correct Answer: ADF
Refer to the exhibit. R4 is a remote office router that is running EIGRP; the decision has been made to change EIGRP to use static EIGRP adjacencies. However, once the configuration change was applied, the adjacency between R4 and (HQ) seems to disappear. What could be the cause of this issue?

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Given the shown output, which statement is true regarding the router forwarding a packet to

A. The packet will be forwarded to
B. The packet will be forwarded to
C. The packet will be forwarded to
D. The packet will be forwarded to the default gateway.
E. None of the above — this is an invalid output.

Correct Answer: A
In the illustrated network, all routers are configured to run EIGRP on all links. R2 is configured to send a summary route only to R4, R5, and R6. If the link between R1 and R2 fails, what is the maximum number of queries R3 will receive for, given that all the packets transmitted during convergence are transmitted once (there are no dropped or retransmitted packets)? Will R4, R5, or R6 receive any queries?

A. R3 will receive one query for, from R2. R4, R5, and R6 will each receive, and reply to, one query each.
B. R3 will receive 4 queriesfor, one each from R2, R4, R5, and R6. R4, R5, and R6 will each receive, and reply to, one query each.

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You have a Catalyst 6500 with a Supervisor IA with a MSFC. After a power outage, the MSFC has lost its boot image and now will only boot into ROMMON mode. You want to load a new image onto the Catalyst MSFC boot flash. What method can you use?
A. Console connection using Xmodem
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following statements regarding the use of SPAN on a Catalyst 6500 are true?
A. With SPAN an entire VLAN can be configured to be the source.
B. If the source port is configured as a trunk port, the traffic on the destination port will also be tagged, irrespective of the configuration on the destination port.
C. In any active SPAN session, the destination port will not participate in Spanning Tree.

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