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When configuring AutoQoS VoIP on a Cisco Catalyst switch how is the configuration performed?
A. The auto qos voip command is applied to each interface.
B. The auto qos voip command is applied globally in the switch.

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How does Packet Loss Concealment improve voice quality?
A. Cisco Packet Loss Concealment technology decreases the voice sampling rate to 10 ms of the voice payload to smooth gaps in the voice stream.
B. Packet Loss Concealment intelligently analyzes missing packets and generates a reasonable replacement packet to improve the voice quality.
C. Packet Loss Concealment will buffer 20 to 50 ms of a voice stream to minimize lost or out-of- order voice packets.
D. Packet Loss Concealment will compensate for packet loss rates between 1 and 5 percent by generating a reasonable replacement packet to improve the voice quality.

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How many VoIP G.729 calls can be made simultaneously over a 128-kb/s Frame Relay circuit (Layer 3) if 50 percent of the circuit is dedicated to voice and 50 percent is dedicated to data?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
In a voice gateway, the configured codec complexity of the DSPs on a voice card can be changed. What is the impact on the DSPs if high codec complexity isconfigured?

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Exam A
Which three Cisco IOS commands are required to configure a voice gateway as a DHCP server to support a data subnet with the IP address of and a default gateway of (Choose three.)
A. ip dhcp pool
B. subnet
C. ip dhcp pool data
D. network
E. network
F. default-gw
G. default-router

Correct Answer: CEG Section: (none) Explanation
1) To configure the DHCP address pool name and enter DHCP pool configuration mode, use the following command in global configuration mode:
Router(config)# ip dhcp pool name – Creates a name for the DHCP Server address pool and places you in DHCP pool configuration mode
2) To configure a subnet and mask for the newly created DHCP address pool, which contains the range of available IP addresses that the DHCP Server may assign to clients, use the following command in DHCP pool configuration mode:
Router(dhcp-config)# network network-number [mask | /prefix-length] – Specifies the subnet network number and mask of the DHCP address pool. The prefix length specifies the number of bits that comprise the address prefix. The prefix is an alternative way of specifying the network mask of the client. The prefix length must be preceded by a forward slash (/).

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Exam A
What is the function of class-based marking?
A. Marking packets based onCoS value, IP precedence value, or DSCP value allows Layer 3 frames to be identified and distinguished from other packets.
B. Marking frames based only onCoS value or IP precedence value allows Layer 2 frames to be identified and distinguished from other frames.
C. Marking packets or frames sets information in the Layer 2 and Layer 3 headers of a packet so that the packet or frame can be identified and distinguished from other packets or frames.

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