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Study the Topology Exhibit. Router Certkiller A has a 512K-access port into the frame relay cloud. Router Certkiller B has 128K-access port into the frame relay cloud. The two routers are connected with symmetrical PVCs that are configured for 64K committed information rate (CIR). What Frame Relay Traffic Shaping map-class sub-command should be entered on Router Certkiller A to prevent workstation Certkiller 1 from overrunning the access port on Router Certkiller B? Exhibit:

A. frame-relay traffic-rate 128000 512000
B. frame-relay traffic-rate 64000 512000
C. frame-relay traffic-rate 512000 64000
D. frame-relay traffic-rate 128000 64000
E. frame-relay traffic-rate 64000 128000

Correct Answer: E
You work as a network engineer at Certkiller .com. Study the topology exhibit carefully. A network engineer is troubleshooting a connectivity problem between Hosts A and B. The following conditions exist: – Host Certkiller A can ping the firewall, but cannot ping Host Certkiller B.

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Click the Exhibit button. In the shown scenario, the inside VIP address is translated by the firewall into the external ip address The CSS interface E1 IP address is translated into If you want to check the status of the CSS VIP from the GSS using a keepalive of type KAL-AP, what type of configuration would be needed?

A. KAL-AP by TAG with Shared KAL-AP of
B. KAL-AP by VIP with Shared KAL-AP of
C. KAL-AP by VIP with Shared KAL-AP of
D. KAL-AP by VIP with Shared KAL-AP of
E. KAP by TAG with Shared KAL-AP of

Correct Answer: A
Which resource records are necessary to perform subzone delegation on a DNS server?

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Exam A
To maintain schema-consistency in an LDAP Directory Information Tree (DIT), the LDAP standard specifies that:
A. The client first downloads the DIT schema from the server and then makes sure every request it sends conforms to the schema; The server therefore doesn’t have to check DIT for consistency
B. The operator periodically scans the DIT to check that the schema is not violated, and manually corrects any inconsistencies caused by clients
C. The server periodically scans the DIT to check that the schema is not violated, and sends a notification to the operator when it finds an inconsistency caused by clients
D. The server periodically converts the DIT to an SQL database; Schema-checking is done by the SQL engine and then the database is converted back to a DIT
E. The server checks every client operation for schema consistency, and ignores requests that would result in a DIT inconsistency
Correct Answer: E
Click the Exhibit button to view the topology.

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Exam A
Commercial browsers such as Netscape or Internet Explorer have knowledge of existing root CA certificates because:
A. They connect to or to download the current list of CA certificates each time the user is on-line.
B. A number of root CA certificates is already installed in the software. Users can then manually add or remove certificates to this list.
C. A number of root certificates is already installed in the software. This list cannot be altered, but companies can request intermediary CA certificates to be signed by one of these root CAs.
D. There exists a standard that outlineswhich CA’s

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Correct Answer: B
MPLS traffic engineering routing information is carried by:
C. OSPF Opaque LSAs or IS-IS TLVs
D. RTP or RTCP packets
Correct Answer: C
WCCP is a communication protocol used between routers and cache devices. On what port does this protocol communicate?
A. 80
B. 2180
C. 8080
D. 52
E. 2048
Correct Answer: E

Click the Exhibit button to view the topology.

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