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Exam A
Which two benefits can be obtained by using VTP in a switching environment? (Choose two.)
A. Allowing frames from multiple VLANs to use a single interface.
B. Allowing switches to read frame tags.
C. Maintaining VLAN consistency across a switched network.
D. Allowing VLAN information to be automatically propagated throughout the switching environment.
E. It allows ports to be assigned to VLANs automatically.
Correct Answer: CD Section: (none)Explanation
VTP minimizes the possible configuration inconsistencies that arise when changes are made. These inconsistencies can result in security violations, because VLANs can crossconnect when duplicate names are used. They also could become internally disconnected when they are mapped from one LAN type to another, for example, Ethernet to ATM LANE ELANs or FDDI 802.10 VLANs. VTP provides a mapping scheme that enables seamless trunking within a network employing mixed-media technologies. VTP provides the following benefits:

VLAN configuration consistency across the network
Mapping scheme that allows a VLAN to be trunked over mixed media
Accurate tracking and monitoring of VLANs
Dynamic reporting of added VLANs across the network
Plug-and-play configuration when adding new VLANs
Which statement about RIPng is true?
A. RIPng uses broadcasts to exchange routes.
B. RIPng is enabled on each interface separately.
C. There can be only one RIPng process per router.
D. RIPng allows for routes with up to 30 hops.
Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
Refer to the exhibit. Which VLSM mask will allow for the appropriate number of host addresses for Network A?

A. /25
B. /26
C. /27
D. /28
Correct Answer: A Section: (none)Explanation
Which term describes the process of encapsulating IPv6 packets inside IPv4 packets?
A. tunneling
B. hashing
C. routing
Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
This question is to examine the IPv6 application. There are three IPv6 transition mechanisms: Dual stack 6to4 Tunneling NAT-PT This question describes the 6to4 Tunneling.
What are two characteristics of Telnet? (Choose two.)
A. it sends data in clear text format.
B. It is no longer supported on Cisco network devices.
C. It is more secure than SSH.
D. It requires an enterprise license in order to be implemented.
E. It requires that the destination device be configured to support Telnet connections.
Correct Answer: AE Section: (none) Explanation
Telnet sends data in clear text. If a remote device wants to access the destination device through Telnet, the destination device must be configured to support Telnet connections.

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Which port state is introduced by Rapid-PVST?
A. learning
B. listening
C. discarding
D. forwarding
Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 7
Which Cisco Catalyst feature automatically disables the port in an operational PortFast upon receipt of a BPDU?
A. BackboneFast
B. UplinkFast
C. Root Guard
D. BPDU Guard
E. BPDU Filter
Correct Answer: D Section: (none)Explanation
Refer to the exhibit. A system administrator installed a new switch using a script to configure it. IP connectivity was tested using pings to SwitchB. Later attempts to access NewSwitch using Telnet from SwitchA failed. Which statement is true?

A. Executing password recovery is required.
B. The virtual terminal lines are misconfigured.
C. Use Telnet to connect to RouterA and then to NewSwitch to correct the error.
D. Power cycle of NewSwitch will return it to a default configuration.
Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Which layer of the OSI reference model uses flow control, sequencing, and acknowledgments to ensure that reliable networking occurs?
A. data link
B. network
C. transport
D. presentation
E. physical
Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Which network protocol does DNS use?
D. udp
E. scp
Correct Answer: D

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