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Exam Code: 70-398
Exam Name: Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise
Q&As: 36

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70-398 dumps

What is a purpose of a Lessons Report?
A. Used to understand the detailed nature, purpose, function and appearance of a product
B. Allow the corporate group responsible for any quality management system to refine, change and improve the standards
C. Provide useful information regarding product status
D. Keep the Project Board and any other stakeholders informed of stage progress
70-398 exam Correct Answer: B
What is a purpose of quality planning?
A. Provide information from the undertaking of the quality methods
B. Maintain the quality and approval records stemming from the planned quality checks
C. To produce the Project Plan with resource information
D. Identify the means by which quality will be achieved and assessed
Correct Answer: D
What is a purpose of the Project Product Description?
A. Defines the reporting structure to be used by the project
B. Provides a reference to find out what the project is about and how it is being managed
C. Describes what the project has to produce to obtain customer acceptance
D. Provides input to the creation of the project mandate
70-398 dumps Correct Answer: C
Once a product has been completed, from who would the Team Manager get approval for its completion?
A. Project Manager
B. The authority defined in the quality responsibilities section of the product’s Product Description
C. Quality Assurance as part of their independent audits
D. Project Support
Correct Answer: B
Who carries out audits independent of the project to check that the processes are in place for quality planning and control?
A. Project Board
B. Project Assurance
C. Quality Assurance
D. Project Support
70-398 pdf Correct Answer: C
Which product would be updated with the planned quality management activities for the next stage of the project?
A. Quality Management Strategy
B. Issue Register
C. Project Initiation Documentation
D. Quality Register
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following information does a Product Description provide?
1. Necessary abilities of the people needed to produce the product
2. Why the product is needed and what it will look like
3. Necessary abilities of the people needed to review the product
4. Time and cost needed to produce the product
A. 1,2,3
B. 1,2,4
C. 1,3,4
D. 2,3,4
70-398 vce Correct Answer: A
Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence… Quality planning provides the definition of the required products with their associated [ ? ] as a foundation for Project Board agreement.
A. Customer’s quality expectations
B. Quality test results
C. Quality criteria
D. Owners
Correct Answer: C
Which statement correctly describes the differences between Project Assurance and quality assurance?
A. Project Assurance provides assurance to the project’s stakeholders whereas quality assurance provides assurance to the wider corporate or programme organization
B. They are both the responsibility of the Project Board, but Project Assurance may be delegated
C. Quality assurance is internal to the project, whereas Project Assurance is independent of the project
D. Project Assurance must be independent of the Project Manager, whereas quality assurance is the responsibility of the Project Manager
70-398 exam Correct Answer: A
What is an objective of the quality review technique?
A. Determine whether a product has been created
B. Agree the quality method that will be applied to a product
C. Formulate ideas on how the product will be developed
D. Provide consultation with a range of key interested parties regarding a product’s quality
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is a specific quality review role responsible for submitting questions on a product?
A. User
B. Approver
C. Reviewer
D. Project Support
70-398 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is an objective of a quality review?
A. Provide an opportunity to change the product
B. Provide sufficient information to perform a performance review on the Producer
C. Provide confirmation that the product is complete and ready to be approved
D. Allow the Project Manager to delegate more quality checking responsibility to the Team Manager
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is a specific quality review role responsible for checking a product is ready for its review?
A. Project Assurance
B. Developer
C. Chair
D. Project Manager
70-398 pdf Correct Answer: C
Which are the specific roles of the PRINCE2 quality review technique?
A. Presenter, Chair, Reviewer, Administrator
B. Chair, Project Manager, Project Support, User
C. Reviewer, Administrator, Project Assurance, Executive
D. Stakeholder, Team Manager, Project Support, Reviewer
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is a prioritized list of measurable definitions of the attributes required for the set of products to be acceptable to key stakeholders?
A. Acceptance criteria
B. Quality criteria and related tolerance
C. Project Product Description

D. Product Status Account
70-398 vce Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is a statement about the quality expected from the project product?
A. Quality criteria
B. Customer’s quality expectation
C. Acceptance criteria
D. Acceptance record
Correct Answer: A
Which one of the following is a specific objective of a quality review?
A. Baseline the product for change control purposes
B. Update the Stage Plan with the details of the quality review progress
C. Produce a Product Status Account for the products under review
D. Perform an assessment on the performance of the Presenter of the product
70-398 exam Correct Answer: A
The reviewer(s) and approver(s) of a particular product are identified in which of the following?
A. The Quality Management Strategy
B. The quality criteria
C. The product’s related Product Description
D. The Project Initiation Documentation
Correct Answer: C

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