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Exam A
Into which two types of areas would an area border router (ABR) inject a default route? (Choose two.)
A. the autonomous system of a different interior gateway protocol (IGP)
B. area 0
C. totally stubby
E. stub
F. the autonomous system of an exterior gateway protocol (EGP)

Correct Answer: CE
Refer to the exhibit. If VLAN 21 does not exist before typing the commands, what is the result of the
configuration applied on switch SW1?

A. A new VLAN 21 is created and port 0/8 is assigned to that VLAN.

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Exam A
Spanning Tree Protocol IEEE 802.1s defines the ability to deploy which of these?
A. one global STP instance for all VLANs
B. one STP instance for each VLAN
C. one STP instance per set of VLANs
D. one STP instance per set of bridges

Correct Answer: C
Which two of these are used in the selection of a root bridge in a network utilizing Spanning Tree Protocol IEEE 802.1D? (Choose two.)
A. Designated Root Cost
B. bridge ID priority
C. max age
D. bridge ID MAC address
E. Designated Root Priority
F. forward delay

Correct Answer: BD
If a port configured with STP loop guard stops receiving BPDUs, the port will be put into which state?

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