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Which of the following is a valid precaution you should take when replacing a processor in a Mac Pro (8x)?
A. Avoid touching the silver coating on the underside of the heat sink and the top of the processor.
B. Leave the heat sinks removed for atleast thirty minutes before replacing the processor.
C. Remove both heat sinks before replacing either processor.
D. Avoid touching the cables near the processor.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
You are troubleshooting an eMac that has no image on its built in display. You have already checked user controls and reset PRAM, but the issue persists. When you connect external display to the eMac’s VGA output port and restart the eMac, you see a proper image on the external display. Which of the following service modules would mostly likely be the cause of symptoms?

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Correct Answer: B
MPLS traffic engineering routing information is carried by:
C. OSPF Opaque LSAs or IS-IS TLVs
D. RTP or RTCP packets
Correct Answer: C
WCCP is a communication protocol used between routers and cache devices. On what port does this protocol communicate?
A. 80
B. 2180
C. 8080
D. 52
E. 2048
Correct Answer: E

Click the Exhibit button to view the topology.

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Exam A
Spanning Tree Protocol IEEE 802.1s defines the ability to deploy which of these?
A. one global STP instance for all VLANs
B. one STP instance for each VLAN
C. one STP instance per set of VLANs
D. one STP instance per set of bridges

Correct Answer: C
Which two of these are used in the selection of a root bridge in a network utilizing Spanning Tree Protocol IEEE 802.1D? (Choose two.)
A. Designated Root Cost
B. bridge ID priority
C. max age
D. bridge ID MAC address
E. Designated Root Priority
F. forward delay

Correct Answer: BD
If a port configured with STP loop guard stops receiving BPDUs, the port will be put into which state?

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Exam A
An environment for a popular ISV application used on Power Systems must be sized. Which IBM tool or resource should be used?
A. Techline
B. eConfigurator
C. Facts and Features
D. System Planning Tool

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
What is the benefit of using the Active Memory Expansion feature in Power Systems servers?
A. Memory capacity will virtually be doubled.
B. Memory will be disk-cached to improve performance.
C. Memory will be allocated to an LPAR to improve performance.
D. Memory contents are compressed to allow for greater utilization.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3
A customer is moving a small application from an existing POWER7 server to a new system in a new location. They will be moving an existing 12X I/O drawer to the new server. Which of the following configuration will support a 12X PCI-X expansion drawer?

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