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400-251 CCIE Security

The 400-251 CCIE Security written exam validates experts who have the knowledge and skills to architect, engineer, implement, troubleshoot, and support the full suite of Cisco security technologies and solutions using the latest industry best practices to secure systems and environments against modern security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and requirements.

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Which SIP response is considered a final response?
A. 183 Session in Progress
B. 199 Early Dialog Terminated
C. 200 OK
D. 180 Ringing
E. 100 Trying

Correct Answer: C
Which two SDP content headers can be found in a SIP INVITE message? (Choose two.)
A. Expires
B. Contact
C. Connection Info
D. Media Attributes
E. Allow
F. CSeq
Correct Answer: CD
Refer to the exhibit.

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Company ABC is planning to migrate from MCS-hosted Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications to Cisco UC on UCS B-Series servers. Which statement about installation media support is true for this migration?
A. The install log can be written to a USB flash drive that is attached to the UCS server.
B. The answer file that is generated by the Answer File Generator (platformConfig.xml) can be read from a USB flash drive to perform an unattended installation on the UCS server.

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ACME is migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. They have setup an Exchange Mixed- Mode Environment. Which of the following statements regarding integrating Unity into this environment are correct?
A. The partner server must be an Exchange 2000 server for Unity to service both Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000 mailboxes.
B. One Unity server partners with an Exchange 2000 server and one Unity server partners with an Exchange 5.5 server. Digital networking is used to forward messages between the systems.

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A DPA 7630 is being used to integrate a CallManager cluster with an Octel voicemail system. What is configured in the CallManager cluster to establish call paths to the DPA 7630?
A. A 7902 IP phone is configured for each call path.
B. A VIP 30 IP phone is configured for each call path.
C. A CTI port is configured for each call path.
D. A CTI route point is added with a DN for each call path.
E. A voicemail port is added for each call path.

Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit. While testing a new Cisco CallManager integration it is determined that IP phones can place and receive calls from PBX phones but cannot place calls to the PSTN. What are possible causes of this problem? (Choose 2)

A. The CallManager is not sending the correct digitsto the PBX.

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You are the network administrator at Certkiller . The Certkiller Voice network is shown in the following exhibit:

A Certkiller user at Phone A complains about a persistent echo on calls to the PSTN. The ERL has been determined to be 15db. The configuration on the HQ-GW voice T1 is as follows: voice-port 1/0:15 echo-cancel coverage 8 end What should be done resolve this problem?
A. Increase the echo tail coverage
B. Decrease the NLP threshold
C. Decrease the output gain
D. Increase the input gain
E. Increase the output gain

Correct Answer: A
You are contracted as a network administrator for a small company, Certkiller Inc. Your newly appointed
Certkiller trainee wants to know What combination will give him the best video quality using a 128kbs video
conference call?

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Calls to an ICD queue should reserve an available agent and connect the call after a database lookup is performed. How should the script be configured to accomplish this?
A. Set the Resource Step Connect option to No and perform a Connect after the database lookup is completed.
B. Issue a Call Hold after the Resource Step selects an agent and release the hold after the database lookup is completed.
C. Issue a Queue Step followed by the database lookup and a Reource Step.
D. Issue a Queue Step followed by the database lookup and a Dequeue Step.

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You are a network administrator at Certkiller . Certkiller has a H.323 network. Which of the following functions is NOT performed by the Gatekeeper on the Certkiller network?
A. Call routing
B. The Number to IP address translations
C. Call authorization
D. Call admission control
E. Codec negotiation

Correct Answer: E
You are a network administrator at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know what
type of signalling providesDialled Number Information Service (DNIS) on a T1/E1.

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Study the Topology Exhibit. Router Certkiller A has a 512K-access port into the frame relay cloud. Router Certkiller B has 128K-access port into the frame relay cloud. The two routers are connected with symmetrical PVCs that are configured for 64K committed information rate (CIR). What Frame Relay Traffic Shaping map-class sub-command should be entered on Router Certkiller A to prevent workstation Certkiller 1 from overrunning the access port on Router Certkiller B? Exhibit:

A. frame-relay traffic-rate 128000 512000
B. frame-relay traffic-rate 64000 512000
C. frame-relay traffic-rate 512000 64000
D. frame-relay traffic-rate 128000 64000
E. frame-relay traffic-rate 64000 128000

Correct Answer: E
You work as a network engineer at Certkiller .com. Study the topology exhibit carefully. A network engineer is troubleshooting a connectivity problem between Hosts A and B. The following conditions exist: – Host Certkiller A can ping the firewall, but cannot ping Host Certkiller B.

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Click the Exhibit button. In the shown scenario, the inside VIP address is translated by the firewall into the external ip address The CSS interface E1 IP address is translated into If you want to check the status of the CSS VIP from the GSS using a keepalive of type KAL-AP, what type of configuration would be needed?

A. KAL-AP by TAG with Shared KAL-AP of
B. KAL-AP by VIP with Shared KAL-AP of
C. KAL-AP by VIP with Shared KAL-AP of
D. KAL-AP by VIP with Shared KAL-AP of
E. KAP by TAG with Shared KAL-AP of

Correct Answer: A
Which resource records are necessary to perform subzone delegation on a DNS server?

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